Sunday, December 2, 2012

On a Note Kick Tonight....

On a joyous note, the Spurry household has officially decked the halls...and we are exhausted!  I am lovvving all things holiday right now and my teammates are going to start getting annoyed because I literally throw up Christmas on everything I touch.

On a bah hum bug note, I was discussing with Shafer today how the weeks before winter break can literally suck the fun out of the holiday season.  We have the holiday program, interims, meetings, curriculum work, observations ( I am untenured, so I have 7 (GASP) a year) and on top of everything else we have to teach and be merry! I refuse to grinch it up and let this get to me....

On a I need to hit the gym note, has anyone else noticed how much food is put in a teacher's face this time of year?  How do you say no when a child hands you food?  They are so excited to see your face when you eat it...and you kind of also need the sugar to get through the day.  What a conundrum...

On a super exciting note, my album dropped a month ago (which means I wrote lyrics to go with someone else's song and like to say my album dropped as if I'm T.Swift) and some of the staff will be performing my original song Thursday night at the Winter Program....stay tuned for pictures and a video....maybe?

On a princess A note, happy birthday sweet girl!

On a freebie note, here are my cooperative learning tags that I created and am loving....I have started implementing these mostly during our CraftPlus writing time. The kiddos are loving it and I am noticing some great changes in behavior in some of my friends who have trouble staying on task.  These friends take their job VERY seriously. Click on the leader below and enjoy!



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