Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's Summa Time!

Ok, so technically we still have a week and a half.  But, come on its 90 degrees outside!  (also, side note, I know I suck at's possible I bit off more than I could chew with blogging, but it's like the friend you can call even after months of not talking and she still gets ya)  I was super excited about these last couple of weeks of school, because they are fun!  However, I got sick.  Super sick.  I actually had a fever sick.  I have had to miss the last two days of school which breaks my heart and causes me lots of anxiety, but fever free I am and returning to my windowless classroom tomorrow.

Next week we have a week full of fun day, beach day, game day, talent show,, fun, fun!  I made it through our first year of common core, first year of homogeneous language arts grouping, first year of a windowless classroom, first year of grad school and HEY I'm done my second year of teaching.  Am I burnt out...yes.  Am I still going to teach summer school and keep taking grad classes through the summer...yes.  Ask me how this works out in the fall and if I will keep doing all this next summer.

I honestly have to say that I have enjoyed this group of kids immensely.  They are full of personality, humor, and WOW they are bright.  I will miss each of these kiddos a lot!  Because they are so awesome, and beyond amazing writers, I decided to give them my address and let them be my pen pal this summer.  Will I receive hate mail or random knocks at my door...highly possible. But the idea is super fun!

Here is what I'm sending home with them on the last day of school...


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