Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas All!!!

Oh hey friends! I wanted to pop in and wish all of you a Merry Christmas! We're still always sunny over in my windowless classroom.  I have a week of break left and I am so thankful to have this time to spend with family and Cami, catch up on tv shows, nap, and work out (bahahaha did you catch that joke there).

But, seriously, today is Christmas and God is so good! Another year gone by...crazy cakes! Did I meet the man of my dreams this year? Who knows...if I did I'm not aware yet. Did I buy a house...nope still with my mama. Did I get really fit and run that half marathon...nope added some muffin to my top and definitely didn't run. Nothing spectacular or fire work worthy happened. 2013 just was...but thank God it WAS! 2013 was peaceful, quiet, comfortable and good. I know that every year in my life won't be good. Some years fireworks are gonna shoot high and I'll be happy dancing more than napping and some years are going to suck and be hard, chaotic, stressful and sad. So I'll take this year of plain good and ill treasure it and use it as a reminder that just good is good enough...even with a muffin top.

Whether your year had fire works, tears or maybe a little of both, I pray you feel blessed beyond words and thank Him for his grace, love and sacrifice.



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