Monday, March 25, 2013

Hippity, Hoppity, Hippity, Hoppity, seriously it's snowing in MD...Easter can't be on its way!

So today we had a snow day....seriously, it snowed all day. I was wearing flip flops this time last year. Sunday is Easter. It's almost April! This weather needs to go somewhere...pronto!

Because you see, tomorrow is our egg hunt.  And how do you tell 57 first graders that they can't go outside to find the eggs because Mother Nature decided it would be a good idea to snow when we should be breaking out Jack Rogers?  I can hear the conversation now in my head..."listen guys Mother Nature is not bad, she just is making bad choices right now.  I'm sure if we make our best choices and be great role models, she will start making better choices too."  And then they will say "well Ms. Spurry, why can't we have our egg hunt in the classroom." And I'll look around at my small windowless classroom and laugh in their sweet faces for being so optimistic. But by golly even with all of the complaining going on in my head and annoyed secret teacher looks passing between Shafer and I, WE WILL HUNT EGGS!

Because we are oh so ready!


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Plane Day.

13 years ago today I became a sister.  It wasn't the birth of a baby that made me a sister, but an arrival on a plane from South Korea.  An arrival through the gates of Dulles Airport that made me a sister. An arrival of a 6 month old baby girl with hair sticking straight off her head that made me a sister.  The feeling of an empty space being filled as an only child for 11 years that made me a sister.  And since that day, that rainy cold March day, we have added a million more ties and reasons that bind my sister and I, but the arrival on that plane was the first time I knew J was my sister. And so every year for the rest of my life, I will celebrate Plane Day. 

For me, being an only child for eleven years was almost as tough as the awkward stage I went through when I was eleven....

J arriving on the plane that day was a blessing and an answer to so many prayers I had had my entire life. 

 She came off of that plane a presence to be reckoned with and she has been a spit fire ever since. She refused to sleep in a crib, so she slept on the floor of my parents' room for two years.  She refused to let anyone do too much for her, so she walked ran at nine months.  She refused to eat sandwiches, so my mom has packed her noodles, rice, or bagel bites in her lunch for the last ten years. She refused to get her ears pierced, so she never has. 

J was by my side through high school. 

J was there every weekend that I came home from college and at every important event through those 4.5 years.  She was on the phone with me through every break up, every homesick phone call, and every celebration. 

 J and I have been through losses in our family and the divorce of our parents. We have been through the "why don't you look like your sister?" and the fights that normal sisters have (eleven years apart or not). 

We have been through Hanna Montana and Jonas Brothers concerts. 

My sister puts up with me daily and loves me anyway. 

 Now, at 24 and 13 we have this sister thing down pat.  We steal each other's clothes. We roll our eyes..a lot. We get reprimanded by mom for getting "smart with each other". But we rock this sister thing out.

 My Asian mini-me is more beautiful inside and out than anyone I know. 

 So today we will eat Sushi, play Jeopardy, open a new pair of Toms, and keep on keeping on. Thank God for adoption, thank God for my sister, thank God for that plane that flew her 18 hours into our lives. 

Happy Plane Day J. 


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Life...

During a math lesson today, all of the students are on the carpet with their slates and markers...merrily using their slates EXACTLY (because that happens all the time...not) as they should.  And I notice one of my boys is writing "potty words" on his slate....please continue reading for our conversation.

Me: "Um, excuse me sir does that say poop?"
Boy: "Yes."
Me: "Well, poop is definitely not how many tens and ones are in the number 64."
Boy: "I know, but it's funny."
Me: "Yes, it is funny, but not appropriate.  Do you know what would happen if you go to second grade and write poop on your slate?  We need to start taking our learning seriously and know that there is a time and place to be silly.  Do you understand?"
Boy: "Yes, do not write poop on your slate."
Girl From Across the Room: "Yea, aint nobody got time for that."
Me: "Thank you Sweet Georgia Brown."


Sunday, March 17, 2013

March Madness...

Hello friends!

Yes, I am alive. I am just very busy in the land of working and house hunting.  Seriously teachers out there...what is up with March being soooo busy?!?!? Only eight school days until spring break!

In the last month, we have been hit with Dr. Seuss Day, a field trip, interims, a spring concert, and Friday with St. Patty's day celebrations.

Speaking of St. Patty's day...if you ever want to see something you won't see anywhere else...come to my town tonight.  @ midnight, the SHOPPING CART RACES begin.  That's right.  I said SHOPPING CART RACES.  Over 2,000 people turn out to crowd the streets (they shut down the main street) and watch crazy people push even more crazy people in shopping carts! I'd compare the epicness of this night to the running of the bulls.  Serious comparison.

But through all this craziness, I have still found time to...

 Drink my body weight in Shamrock Shakes....
Rebel against the pricing of PetSmart and groom my dog myself....
AND sign up for a half marathon in October. That's 13.1 miles.  That's a lot.  Training starts tomorrow!

In classroom news, Dr. Seuss Day went off without a hitch.  I loovvvee this man, his books, and the joy I see in my students when they read his work.  I also looovvee celebrating his bday.  We Seuss it up all day long and then the fifth graders come to read to our students.  They pair up, spread out, and read to each other for 40 minutes.  I love watching my kiddos look up at the fifth graders like they are super heroes.

St. Patty's Day was celebrated in grandeur in the Irish land of Ms. Spurry's room.  Minus the Irish accent.  I tried for two straight days....I suck.  I go to be Irish and I come out all  Eliza Doolittle EVERY TIME. But, even with no awesome accent we rocked it out!

As you can see from the smiles from Shafer and Femi above, they LOVED putting green footprints on everything in my classroom and sprinkling gold glitter EVERYWHERE.  My OCD has mellowed now that I'm nearing the end of my second year of teaching...but still only slightly.
Spring has sprung in Maryland, although much slower than last year.  The daffodils are out, and the sun shines through most days, but it is still a little cold for my liking.  No lie, I was in flip flops this time last year.  Where is this global warming they keep speaking of?

If you have ever taught first grade you will understand what I mean when I say spring is when you see your students jump out of the nest and soar on their own.  I have only ever taught first grade, but I am not alone in saying the growth you see during the first grade year is mind blowing.  Spring is when you realize "WOW, that kid used to cry daily...I haven't seen him cry in months."  "You can tie your shoe?!?!?"  "You just covered your mouth when you coughed and missed my face?!?!?!"  "Wait, hold the phone, are you all, yes every single one of you, doing exactly what I asked?!?!?!" Ok disclaimer, on the last comment I think I had at least 3 kids out with the flu.  But still...these kids are taking off!

Spring also brings sights that will keep me laughing for days and keep me thanking God for the little joys in growth spurts.



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