Monday, March 25, 2013

Hippity, Hoppity, Hippity, Hoppity, seriously it's snowing in MD...Easter can't be on its way!

So today we had a snow day....seriously, it snowed all day. I was wearing flip flops this time last year. Sunday is Easter. It's almost April! This weather needs to go somewhere...pronto!

Because you see, tomorrow is our egg hunt.  And how do you tell 57 first graders that they can't go outside to find the eggs because Mother Nature decided it would be a good idea to snow when we should be breaking out Jack Rogers?  I can hear the conversation now in my head..."listen guys Mother Nature is not bad, she just is making bad choices right now.  I'm sure if we make our best choices and be great role models, she will start making better choices too."  And then they will say "well Ms. Spurry, why can't we have our egg hunt in the classroom." And I'll look around at my small windowless classroom and laugh in their sweet faces for being so optimistic. But by golly even with all of the complaining going on in my head and annoyed secret teacher looks passing between Shafer and I, WE WILL HUNT EGGS!

Because we are oh so ready!



Ashley Ann said...

The snow is too much, right? I'm SO over it! If my kids have indoor recess one more day I am going to lose it!

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