Friday, July 25, 2014

Blogging Block....

Hey girls hey!  It's been since Christmas....Christmas day to be exact, since I last blogged.  Obviously, I have commitment issues with this little bloggy blog of mine.  I think that partially it is due to the fact that when I started this blog teaching and creating and making and sharing was so new to me and it was EVERYTHING to I'm about to start my 4th year of teaching, I realize yes, teaching rocks, yes, I love it....but I am more than just a teacher and I have more to say and share.  So, I am embarking on a more personal blog, which I'm hoping will help me keep this one more up to date with teaching!  I will let you know when I have it up and running!

So since December.....

  • I have moved out...yes you heard that right.  Living on my own!  Never thought that would happen, and the whole apartment thing will have a blog post of its own very soon...tour, funny stories, decorating tips (p.s. decorating an apartment is very different from a classroom....chevron borders would not work in a kitchen...)
  • I started playing guitar in December, and that hobby has taken up a lot of my free time!  I am teaching myself and playing some during worship services at my church.  

  • I have successfully finished my third year of teaching, which means on Aug. 22 I will be receiving my GOLDEN APPLE and will officially be a tenured teacher! (please insert angels singing HALLELUJAH) 

   You can buy these at Target...and I have a very funny story about this Mean Girls reference for a later post!                                

  • I have been spending a lot of time with family and friends (oh boy am I blessed!)

  • And slowly (much more slowly than in summers past) I have begun to start creating for this upcoming school year.  One of my big motivators is that this awesome lady's Princess A will be gracing me with her presence in my first grade classroom!!!!! 

I'm also knee deep in college...which doesn't deserve a picture, a funny remark, or even a bullet point.  That's how I feel about that one at the moment (please understand I'm very grateful for my opportunity to get my Master's....but It is a sunny Friday and I am writing a paper...actually that is a total lie...I'm procrastinating and writing a blog post.)

Enjoy your Friday friends!  And stay tuned...I'm going to attempt to get out of this blogging block I have been sucked into!!!



Susie Shafer said...

AAAAAAAH! I'm so, so excited that you're back! I've missed you, bloggy work wife!

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