Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Taking a Dump.

Yea, you read correctly.  I titled this post Taking a Dump.  Honestly though, that's what it feels like I am doing.  I was so so so into blogging (and truly still am into the idea of it), but honestly it is sometimes so therapeutic to just read blogs.  I get so wrapped up in reading my usual line up, that I don't get around to doing anything on mine.  So here I go....dumping away.

We went on a super (I say that loosely) fun field trip where we allowed six year olds to take dipping nets to a pond.  I was a nervous wreck.

We developed a new habit, which the mother hates and may kick us out for.  

We held an American Heroes Wax Museum based on the lessons I used from an American Heroes Common Core Unit that you can purchase here.  Thanks Teacher to the Core! Go buy it...sooo worth it. All of my students researched, wrote and typed up a speech as one of the American Heroes I covered.  Then they dressed up and presented their speeches to parents and some staff.  I was so proud.

I went gluten free for a hot five minutes.  Actually, true story, I did do almost a month....but not so much anymore.  I really didn't see a huge difference in my digestion (no pun intended with the title of the blog).  I bought, I baked, I ate.  I'm over it. 

We celebrated Easter (Yes...I know I'm super late on this one.)

I started running/training for a marathon.  My goal is to do another 5K in May, then a 10K and then a half marathon in October (kinda already signed up for the Baltimore Running Festival to motivate my training) I'm currently doing the 5K to 10K app on my Iphone and am loving it.  P.s. I love running in my town...I mean do your views look like that when you run?

Oh yea, back in the beginning of April it went from winter to summer overnight here in Maryland. Seriously!  We were having 80 degree days there for a couple of weeks.  Shafer and I had to bust out the toes!

Now most important piece of this dump...I BOUGHT A LAMINATOR.  Holy Awesomeness.  Enough said.  

Actually, more importantly than the most important thing I mentioned above....my best friend had a baby!  I am so excited to go meet him in June!  

Also...because I suck...I started this dump a month ago, but forgot to hit publish.  Went to take another dump tonight, realized I hadn't published my first dump, so I've postponed my follow up dump for the near future.  Stay tuned friends.  



Susie Shafer said...

Best blog title. Ever. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

I can totally relate to your post. I get caught up in reading everybody else's posts, I forget to do my own! Thanks for sharing!


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