Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Windowwwww Treatmentssss! (you have to say this in the voice from Despicable Me 2 when she goes "liiippstticcck tassseeerrr"

Ok, so I know I told you I'd blog about my apartment....but I haven't taken a ton of pictures yet...so stand by!  I will however, show you a little Pintrest gone right DIY I did last week. Ok, so at my apartment I have three windows I needed to decide what to do with...curtains, valances, THE CHOICES WERE ENDLESS!  And like I said before, my decision making skills decorating a home are not as sharp as decorating a classroom.

The one that really sent me over the edge was this bad ride pictured below.  Its a french door but only one of the frenches opens...I was stumped.  Even after looking at Pinterest for 4.6 hours.

Then...I found this post while clicking around. And I knew, I had found the answer.  Now off to Hobby Lobby! I literally only bought...

  • batting 
  • fabric
  • duct tape
  • foam poster board
After a not very long time of cutting, taping, wrapping, and stapling, I had my Pelmet (as I'm writing this, I just realized I've been calling them Peplum boxes all week...hehe) boxes for my three window areas!  I was not able to hang them with Command Strips as she does in her post, and was talked out of hot gluing them to my wall...so I ended up pulling up some of the fabric from the top, nailing them in, and then tucking the fabric back around. 

I'm kind of obsessed!  Now don't get me wrong, if you look REALLLLLY closely, you can totally tell they aren't custom made window treatments, but a. I don't have that many people come over and b. those who do read this blog and know they aren't custom made anyway.  Also, the french door treatment is still a work in progress, because sometimes when I go out on my patio it decides it would like to join and falls down.....I have my glue gun on standby :)



Susie Shafer said...

It's time for an update, my friend! So much has happened in the past few months, and we want to read all about it!

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