Tuesday, December 18, 2012

An Amazing Holiday Gift...

Happy Tuesday Friends!

Today was our last day of school in the 2012 school year (how crazy is that??!?!?)  I have just hauled in my many amazing kid given presents...gift cards galore, a Coach purse (holllly awesomeness), tons of sweet treats and the cutest six-year old written cards you will ever see. The best gift I got today was seeing how truly thrilled all 19 of my students were to get the chapter books I gave them.  It was such a blessing to see how excited they were...a few of them even stopped mid-chaos-holiday party to begin reading!

I am now going to get sappy and share with you something that truly touched my heart and will be with me forever...I had a great day with my kids today.  The day was laid back (it was PJ day) and stress free.  I had fun!  My kids and I made hot chocolate, we laughed and were excited about Santa coming, and we had a blast eating treats literally all day long! It was one of those days where you say to yourself, as you're wiping frosting off a desk, "this is why I teach."

Which immediately brings me to tears because I have felt sadness and deep loss for those students in Connecticut as if they were my own.  My heart cannot fathom the pain those parents are feeling, but I can begin to understand what those teachers are and were feeling, because every teacher knows the very unique love we all have for our students.  Even the ones who drive us absolutely nuts, we love them. We provide a second home, a welcoming smile, a constant in their lives.  And regardless of what happens that is evil in this word, that fact will never change.  Ours is not a profession that you fall into, it is not a profession that you come into half heartedly...and that is evident in the stories and accounts we are hearing on the news.  I thank God for those amazing teachers who loved those babies until the very end, I thank God that we are still a nation full of schools with amazing educators, I thank God that every one of my students was shielded from the media and had no idea there was a reason to fear, I thank God.

On a lighter note, I will will leave you with some of my holiday highlights from the past week....

Kettle corn with melted peppermint hershey kisses...amazing!

Holiday Language Arts packs I sent home with my Language Arts friends

Tacky Christmas Sweater Family Portrait

Rosie's Holiday Haircut 


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