Saturday, December 29, 2012

Happy Snirt Week Friends...

 Let me just start by saying that as a Christian, I celebrate Jesus' birth all year long.  Being a Christian isn't always fun,rainbows, butterflies and super sparkly days, but my belief in Christ does give me a joyful heart even when I am not "happy."

BUT that week after the actual man-made holiday of Christmas....that time is kind of depressing.  I think I like the build up (Thanksgiving-Christmas Eve) so much more!  I equate the week after Christmas to the week after a freshly fallen snow (which by the way, with this global warming stuff...I doubt I'll ever see snow again in MD).  You know when the pretty snow (Christmas) starts to melt and mix with dirt and becomes that nasty brown mess (the week after Christmas)?  Well that nasty brown mess, my friends is SNIRT (snow/dirt).  And we are in the midst of snirt week.  Good luck!

Snirt week has a way of highlighting the things in your life that you weren't noticing during the freshly fallen Christmas snow time....

1. I need to get out of my vacation coma and do lesson plans.
2. We still have a lot of school left in the year.
3. IRA's and report cards are looming in the January forecast.
4. I have no room in the inn for all of my clothes/accessories.
5. My dog is not as trained as I thought she was.
6. I somehow have acquired a taste for very expensive things (David Yurman, Tory Burch, etc.)  These brands aren't sold at Target...and hello, I'm a teacher.
7. I pay for the gym monthly...enough said.
8. Eating peanut brittle and sugar cookies for breakfast isn't socially accepted after January 1st.
9. I only have four more days to wear yoga pants.
10. Can someone please sell me their adorable, little, perfect for a single teacher house...for relatively cheap?

In other snirt week news, I FINALLY finished my snowman literacy activity packet for TPT. Check it out!

My next task is to create 'THE DESK FAIRY" system that I threatened my students with before I left.  Stay tuned for that!  

Also, before I depress you too much....
Holy Teacher Chair!!!!! I cannot wait to set this up in the front of my classroom!

Holy Teenage Sister...when did that happen??!!?!?



Susie Shafer said...

Femster reminded me the other morning that we still have 100 days left in the school year. My response? "Thanks, Debbie Downer." Oh, has been nice to have a long break to "recharge our batteries!"

Susie Shafer said...

P.S. Love the director chair! I need to replace the rocking chair that I have at the front of my is about to fall apart!

Aren't you glad I can comment on your blog now? Bahahahaha...

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