Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Album Dropped....

Hello Friends!
On Thursday night, Kelly M, Kelly U, Ali, Susie (over at Shafer's Shenanigans),Santa and I debuted my song (sung to the tune of "Call Me Maybe?") "Presents...Maybe?"  And I'm happy to was a hit!  We were all so nervous, but it went perfectly.  The audience loved it and we got many compliments afterwards.  It was a great winter program and I'm so proud of all of our kiddos.  It was a late night and we all rolled out of bed exhausted Friday morning and taught on.  And guess what, we made the local paper! So until our next performance, I'll leave you with our chorus....

Christmas is coming
carols, lights, stockin' stuffin'

Hot cocoa and its snowing
Where you think you’re going, Santa?

Hey, I haven’t seen you,
Watching me all year,
But I’ve been good,
So presents, maybe?

I couldn’t stand it,
If I just got coal, 
so here’s the chimney
Presents, maybe?



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