Monday, February 4, 2013

What Makes You...You?

I have said before that I truly feel I have learned so much about myself in the past year. But here's the thing... I think I have always known who I was, what quirks I have, what makes me tick, what makes me nuts, what makes me, me.  But it wasn't until of late that I realized all of those things were totally okay.

Our school manager came up with this idea to keep big paper hearts outside of our classroom doors for the month of February.  We are able to anonymously go around and write why each teacher is special outside of his/her door.  This has been super fun, especially on a bad day.  Shafer and I have termed the act of sneaking around to write on people's hearts...HEART BOMBING.  Which you can't say too loud in a school setting. Anyhoo...this has prompted me to get some of my quirks out in the open...and maybe you will too!

1. 98.7% of the time, I think I'm living in a musical I dreamed a dream of times gone by.  It typically doesn't get in my way I'm flying high defying gravity until I'm in a really 525600 minutes serious moment of my life in the rain the pavement shines like silver and I get super disappointed that in fact the music is just in my head.

2. I'm a grown woman taking graduate courses and when my papers should look like this....

I turn them in like this..          

because I can't stomach the mundane, boring, normalcy of not completing every task as though you are a first grade teacher.

3. When I take and share pictures, I tend to have to stifle my need to caption them as though I am Nicki Minaj.  Case in point below...
We be ridin' dirty....

4. I say "question" before I ask a question.
5. I have a calendar in my head. I see it. It's kinda creepy.

And even with all of those things...people still heart bombed me by saying that I was "sunshine," "awesommmeee," "practically perfect in every way," and "creative."

So come on people quirks or no quirks lets heart bomb the crap out of each other...hit them with your best shot! Firreee awwaayyyy! (you totally heard the music there right?)



Susie Shafer said...

I think "awesomeeeeeee" is the best way to describe you.

Don't worry: I will always be your quirky partner-in-crime! We're nutsy and we don't care who knows it!

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