Tuesday, January 29, 2013

High Frequency Words...

Our county has been using the Houghton Mifflin reading series for quite some time now.  This is my second year using it, and there are things about it that I love and love a little (slash a lot) less. One of the things I do love are the High Frequency words that are incorporated.  The High Frequency words directly relate to the story being read that week, and they are common words first graders would see in on grade level text. Last year, we sent a chunk of words home each week and quizzed the students on recognition every Friday.  Borrressvillleee USA.  This year, with Common Core and homogeneous grouping, my low babies were the ones who REALLY needed to learn these words. I have volunteers working with these kiddos weekly on Dolch words and these words, but I wasn't quite sure how to go about tracking progress without boring my kids (and volunteers) to tears. I finally put together a booklet that I am so excited to use to track each child's progress!  The pack also includes the flashcards your volunteers can use to quiz the students. You can use this pack one of two ways....

1. Laminate the pages and put them together with a binder ring.  Once laminated, you can write the child's name with a dry erase marker (or overhead pen) and put a check next to each word the child learns.  This way, you can reuse these books year after year!

2. Because I'm crazy and know that my above mentioned way of using this pack could get bent up and nasty, you can also simply give each student his/her own booklet and put a sticker next to each word the child learns!  Yay for yearly printing, copying, hole punching, and laminating....a waste of paper you say?  Sure, but it saves my sanity :)

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