Wednesday, January 16, 2013

DJ Spurry Spins a Bad Week Around...

Ever have one of those weeks where you can't catch a break and your head hurts so bad you figure life must actually physically be pushing down on you?  You want to cry, take a personal day, hide away and eat until you can't eat anymore.  And then just when you think you can't take much more, God drops a beat boxing white guy from Baltimore City in your school.  And this beat boxing white guy puts on this awesome assembly for your kids and just when you think the assembly is over he asks for a volunteer.  And a good chunk of the staff and students begin yelling YOUR name at the top of their lungs.  So beat boxing white guy calls you up to be his assistant and you beat box together, in front of your school, with a microphone, while its all being videotaped....and for just that beat boxing moment, you forgot everything else that was going on and truly laughed with your friends and students.

That basically sums up my day.

If by chance you are reading this blog from Maryland or surrounding areas, please check this out!  The beat boxing white guy is Max Bent and he was terrific...I'm sure your kiddos would love him too! 



Susie Shafer said...

Spin it again, SpurDog! You made a lot of people's day today with your mad beat boxing skills...including mine!

Sparkling in Second said...

Can't say I have ever experienced something quite like THAT. It sounds pretty exciting though :-)

Susie Shafer said...

I'm waiting for a blog update, SpurDog. I know I see you every day, but I love your blog entries!!

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