Saturday, January 12, 2013

From the mouths of babes...

My dad constantly makes a joke that I never leave my computer or the couch and work too much.  He says that by the time you add up all of the hours I work from home...I'm basically getting paid $3.00/hour.  What he doesn't understand is that OBVIOUSLY we don't do what we do for the money. There are 1001 ways why I do what I do, my hope for this blog is that over time, I can share these with you through creations, stories, and prayer.

One of the reasons why I love going to work never EVER know what to expect, or what you will hear.

Case in point: A few days ago my teacher BFFL Femi, kindergarten teacher extraordinaire, came across the hall to tell me that one of her students had been asked a yes or no question and had answered with, "Does a bear shit in the woods?"  This inspired me to reach back and share with you some of my favorite LOL moments of teaching.

Child: Ms. Spurry, I'm going to a Hawaiian birthday party this weekend.
Ms. Spurry: A wine birthday party?
Child: No, a Hawaiian birthday party.  I don't drink wine, I just smell the cork.

Child 1: Ms. Spurry are you married?
Ms. Spurry: No sweetie, we have been over this a million times.  Ms. Spurry is not married yet.
Child 2: Where do you live?
Ms. Spurry: With my mommy, remember?
Child 1: Maybe that's why you're not married.
Ms. Spurry: That is highly possible.

Ms. Spurry: No way jose (forgetting figurative language comes later).
Child: Ms. Spurry, Jose isn't in our class, he is next door.

As our class is decorating pumpkins for our Halloween party....
Child: Ms. Spurry, I'm naming my pumpkin Double D.
Ms. Spurry: Oh wow, what an original name...where did you come up with that?
Child: Oh, because my pumpkin is dark and dangerous.

A child comes to school one day with an I heart boobies bracelet.
Child 1: hehehe why would you wear that to school?
Child with bracelet: Its cool and blue.
Child 1: Do you know what it says? hehehe.
Child with bracelet: No
Child 1: Use your strategies and sound it out.
Ms. Spurry: (beams because they remember their strategies, but freezes knowing they will sound it out!)
Child with bracelet: ok...b...oo...b.  What does /ies/ make?
Child 1: eees
Child with bracelet: Oh thanks, I love b...oo...b...ies. I love boobies?  I love boobies? ahhhhhhh!!!!!! I'm never wearing this again!
Ms. Spurry: Wonderful job using your strategies!

As I am doing an IRA on a student...student is reading "The Beaver Lodge"
Student: And the father beaver built his lodge in the dam....(pauses)....Ms. Spurry, just so you know, I'm totally allowed to say this type of dam because the bad word is spelled with two m's.
Ms. Spurry: Oh, ok. Thank you for letting me know.  Keep reading please.

I have tons more, but could go on for days....and I am taking Abby's advice and doing something for me this weekend!  Like maybe watching the Raven's game while forgetting about my healthy eating plan? GO RAVENS!!!



Anonymous said...

What a great post! Thanks for sharing your great stories! Gotta love the innocence of our students.
Have a great weekend!


Susie Shafer said...

I have heard all of the stories you shared (since we usually share all of our funniest kiddo stories on the playground at recess), but I think I laughed even harder at them after reading this post. Gawd, I love kids!

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