Saturday, January 26, 2013

Always Slacking....

Hey long lost friends!  No worries, I'm alive.  Man life can get tough, stressful, crazy!  In the last two weeks, I have honestly had one thing thrown at me after another.  On top of dealing with one of the most trying times I've had yet as a teacher, I'm also getting my Master's and attempting to buy a house.  Between teaching, planning, college, and dealing with meetings with my amazing realtor, looking at tons of houses, filling out paperwork for offers, and waiting for them to probably turn down my offers, I'm stressed!  And I have to admit this blog was the first thing that got put to the back burner :(  It did make me feel good though when Shafer and the amazing Mrs. Tucker asked about my Always Sunny With Him post that I didn't do last Sunday (I promise you'll get one tomorow!).

If you haven't figured this out yet, sometimes I can be a tad dramatic.  Yea, all the above things are true and I've had a crazy two weeks, but I'm truly fine and really not all that stressed...just stressed enough to forget to blog.  My bad!

What have I been up to????

This has nothing to do with what I've been up to...I just had a share a picture of my cuddle buddy...I really wish I was this relaxed.  And that they would show these types of pictures during that ASPCA commercial with the Sarah Mclachlan "In the Arms of an Angel" song.  I can't even watch those commercials because they make me so sad and thinking is that if I feel that way, most people do!  So how many donations are they really getting, if people are turning the channel to avoid seeing those poor abused animals?

We had a snow day!!!!! Yes, friends.  In Maryland, they cancel school for flurries.  

I have a new obsession/addiction.  GOOD DOGS!!!! This is a hot dog joint that opened up in the next town over.  Holy goodness!!!! I have gone three times this week...gross. You can get ANYTHING you want on a hotdog.  And the best part...they give a half off discount to teachers that show their badge!!! My favorite so far is putting bbq baked beans right on the dog....oh yea!  My colleagues and I went the other day during our inservice lunch break, and they have encouraged me to become a patron, so I can get a hot dog named after me.  The SPURDOG! Holllaaa! 

I spent an amazing Saturday night with my sister.  She went with me to a church we had never attended to see one of my students perform with her praise dance team. It was such a cool experience.  It is truly amazing to see people, especially children, worship without any inhibitions.  After a three hour service of getting our praise on, we got our Plaza Tapatia on.  My favorite moment of the night....

Waiter: Would you two ladies like one check or separate checks?
J: OMG he thought I was an must be because I am finally 5 feet tall!!! 

Cami girl has started this new thing where she brings in a stick from outside after a potty break. The sticks get bigger and bigger and it gets more laughable each time.  I honestly think she believes if she runs through the door and under the coffee table fast enough, we won't notice the half tree entering the house. 

And as always...I have been enjoying the view out of my windowless classroom...



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