Monday, August 12, 2013

Teacher Week...Say What!?!?!?

Oh, Happy last Monday of the summer for this girl to you all friends!  I am loving that Blog Hoppin' is hosting this fun week to soften the blow of the's time!

Today is a toughy because honestly if you just hit the "Always Me" tab up top, you'll get to know me....but when teacher week calls, we deliver!  So here goes...I'll try not to bore you!

1. If you know me personally, you'll know that I have wanted to be a teacher since I could walk and talk.  Seriously. Between the type A personality God gifted me with, the only child symptom of slight bossiness and the dramatic flair that kept me always thinking I was on stage...teaching was it for me. When I was in third grade, my teacher gave me an overhead projector that the school was going to toss.  I took that baby home, set it up in my room, pulled down my shade screen and the rest is history. Teaching isn't EXACTLY what I imagined it to be when I was 8...but I still can't imagine doing anything else. 

2. I grew up in the 90's so my mom had a perm, I wore vests and leggings, lots of bangs, very thick white socks that scrunched down and of course scrunchies. 

3. I adore my dog. She is 95% of the time a scraggly mess, she typically has something wrong with her, she is scared of her own shadow, and she sheds ALOT....but she's mine. I love her clumsiness, curiosity, innocence and gentleness.  

4. I have a huge family.  You come to my town and you realize, we are everywhere.  My Dad was one of five....all five of them live in our small town, all five of them have 2-4 children, and at least half of those 2-4 kids have their own kids.  And the kicker, most of them live in a 20 minute radius.  Not to mention my Dad's cousins and their families who live in the area. I grew up with all of them and am lucky now to call them friends. 

5. Hi, my name is Caitlin and I am dairy free. ("hi, Caitlin"). I have been dairy free for almost two months.  I have had issues with my stomach since I was an infant.  It ain't fun. Since adulthood, I've tried umpteen million not super fun things to kick my stomach into gear (including....gluten free, liquid diets, teaspoons of apple cider vinegar before meals, and much, much more). I've never tried the dairy free thing though, because I LIVE OFF DAIRY. I could drink a gallon of milk, eat a block of cheese, a carton of ice cream, and three things of Greek yogurt a day.  I finally gave in and tried it. I will say that I have not been cured, I still struggle with issues, but WOW do I feel better! I feel so much better that I haven't cheated once in the past 6 weeks!  

6. I am not southern (even though some would consider Maryland a southern state). But, I am from the shore.  I can't imagine living where there isn't water, boats or seafood.  Yesterday, after church, we headed to our town's watermen's festival.  The Watermen's Association put together this awesome event that provided over 300 bushels of crabs, a boat docking contest, and pictures and autograph opportunities with Liz from Swamp People and Edgar from The Deadliest Catch. 

7. I have dear friends that I have had since I was itty bitty, but the ones I have made in my adulthood truly make me understand what friendship is.

 8. I am starting a high school youth group at my church.  I saw the need, heard the call and opened my big mouth.  Prayers please!  I have big dreams for this.
9. My middle name is Paige.  Caity Paige, yea that's me. 

10. I am going to be a third year teacher....oh that sounds so good!  My first year was pure survival, sinking or swimming, soaking in every nook and cranny of new information, and learning who I was in the classroom.  My second year, I was on fire with ideas, organizing, new curriculum, keeping up and growing.  This year, my third year, God I am excited to teach!  

Whew there you have it!  I'm going to eat a brownie for breakfast and enjoy this last Monday of summer.

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Lisa Bee said...

I enjoyed looking at your pictures!

Krista Carlson said...

I think all children of the 90's rock that apparel. I had my own perm and bright floral leggings. Such a fashionista!

The Second Grade Superkids

Leila (Spinach and Skittles) said...

I'm fairly positive I had a dress in the same fabric as your vest. Gotta love the 90's!

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