Friday, August 2, 2013

Facebook and Freebies!

Hi friends!

I'm super excited to introduce my new fan page. (I don't really have "fans" but it sounds really cool to say). Check it out by clicking on the icon to the right or click on the images below!

If you head over, you can find a few free things to grab in my fan freebies tab.

You can grab the titles I made for each theme of the first grade HM series. I hang them up on my language arts focus wall as we work through the series.

I'm slightly obsessed with pennants, chevron and these cool and calm colors.  Super bummed they won't really work in my room :( Head on over to grab them too!

Remember how I said I learned how to make chevron backgrounds on Adobe Illustrator?  Here's my first pack, free for my Facebook fans! I call it "And All That Tan...Chevron"  (you have to sing the title of the freebie with the All That Jazz mentality...just saying. 

I hope someone out there can enjoy and use!



KinderMyles said...

Hi. I just found your blog looking for Maryland bloggers :). Are you open-space?
Facebook freebies are so fun. Thank you.

Caitlin Spurry said...

Hi Jenn!

Yay for Maryland bloggers! What county are you? Yes, we are open space, but myself, SPED and the Title I specialist are the only ones with no windows!

Adelle King said...

Hey Cait,
I'm your newest MD follower! Love all your cute chevron. We seem to never have enough of it lately!


Hannah Burns said...

LOVE your adorable blog design! So so cute. And super impressive that you made a Fan Freebies tab! I need to get around to that ;)

Now following you!

Cute in the Classroom

Caitlin Spurry said...

Thanks Hannah! To make my fan freebie page I used the tutorial by Ashley over at The School Supply Addict Check it out!


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