Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The End of July...

The end of July reminds me of the calm before a storm.  It's that beautiful and peaceful time when you break out a hot glue gun, some mod podge and scrapbook paper...but only after you've taken a nap and watched an episode of some old show on Netflix.  It's not the crazy frantic time where you are screaming "I HAVE TO GET THIS LAMINATED AND CUT OUT BY TOMORROW, BECAUSE WHAT IF SHE COMES TO OBSERVE ME?!?!?"  Do you see the difference there?

The end of July is when sisters can help you with all of this stuff and it somehow feels like a bonding moment instead of "I swear if you wrinkle that lamination or cut that line uneven I'll flip out."  Do you see the difference there?

The end of July is when you have finally decompressed from the last school year and are excited about the possibilities this new school year holds.

For me, the end of July is when my brain is somewhat quiet (which usually means one turn of the volume knob away from max) and I can come up with ideas that are my own and haven't been seen on Pinterest.

The end of July is when you get texts like this from your best teacher friends....

It's when you start getting the little things done (which in your first and second year of teaching you never thought to do before hand) p.s they are super cute with the names, but lists haven't gone out in our county...and it would be a BSD (big stinkin' deal) if I was showing names prior to the lists being mailed. 

The end of July is when I sit for hours and hot glue gun Houghton Mifflin HFW to clothes pins, so I can stick them to a ribbon instead of taping them up every week.  This task would have been a waste of time type of task mid October... 

And it's when I forget that yes I already have a perfectly good, laminated, cute schedule in my room, but chevron and pennants are here we come. 

I'm kind of in love with the end of one day it will change into the beginning of August.  In a teacher's world the words "beginning of August" have a meaning not many truly understand.  But for today and tomorrow, I'll soak in the last day of July and hot glue my heart out. 


Susie Shafer said...

Two things. One, I love that you shared that text I sent you. Can't wait to make tissue paper balls (pom poms may be the more appropriate name for them). Two, I LOVE the idea of putting your HM words on clothespins for your Word Wall!!! How much would I have to pay you to send me the words that you've obviously already typed? I'll buy you a Rise Up coffee...

I heart you, teacher bestie!

Shafer's Shenanigans 

Caitlin Spurry said...

Just sent via e-mail!

Wendy Arentz said...

Love, love, love the 'tissue paper balls' text. Thanks for making me laugh!

I'm a new follower.

Read With Me ABC

PS I had to do the robot thingy about 10 times. You may want to get rid of that, so more people comment. :)

Caitlin Spurry said...

Thanks Wendy! Seeing all of your posts made me laugh, I erased about five of them. But I have to say it was the most comments I've ever gotten haha.

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