Thursday, July 25, 2013

Name Drop Thursday!

During the summers, I love Thursdays!  We only teach Mon-Thurs for summer school, so today is my Friday.  And tomorrow I am beach bound!

I have been going crazy exploring the web and learning about new tricks on my computer (photoshop and illustrator have become my summer time relationship...we fight, but we love each other too). I have found some awesome blogs and sites that I can't believe I've lived without before now.  So, I'm gonna name drop a little!

First of all!  I am now a proud member of......

Seriously!  I want a shirt, and a hat, and a poster for my room!  You have got to head over to Their motto, which I'm pretty sure I want tattooed on my "Life is short, make it pretty" YES!  

I got these two gems for this upcoming school excited! The chevron is a 2013-2014 academic planner and the hot pink anchor (background of my life!) is just a notebook for the school year. 

Next!  I found this amazing blog that has SO MANY awesome freebies, tutorials and awesomeness. Go see her now! Along with a million links to fonts and backgrounds...her tutorials are the She helped me turn....

Into This!
Oh the joys of mastering photoshop....I actually yell at the screen "ha!  I did it!  Who is the boss now Adobe?!?!?!?" 

Finally, I want to name drop one of my favorite teachers and best friends who had this beautiful boy on Tuesday!  Camden Thomas has stolen my heart!

But his big brother already had it!  While Mommy was recovering in the hospital, I took Connor James for the night.  We had a blast with bubbles and the St. Michael's Carnival! 

Needless to say, I'm exhausted.  And summer school is about to start! 


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