Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Made It!

This is my first Monday Made It! and I am so excited to link up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics.  I was at an amazing baby shower yesterday and Shafer was telling me all about the awesomeness of linky after another text to encourage (Thanks Shaf) I tried it!

On Friday, we headed to the beach.  And to get to the beach, you have to pass a town that has a HOBBY LOBBY. Which, of course means, we had to stop...or my parade would have been rained on (remember, I make a lot of Broadway references).

Any hoo, I had already had a very large cup of coffee...which makes for fun times (caffeine mixed with my already caffeinated personality). I was a girl on a bouncing off the walls, going down every aisle, touching absolutely everything mission. 

so SOY glad you love and put up with me mom and J!

After a while (a very long time) we made it to the beach and had an amazing time!  A sun burn and a last Monday spent at summer school later, It's Monday Made It! time!!!! Last year, I was doing my Pinterest thing and I came across a picture of this awesome dry erase board calendar made with gray chevron and yellow embellishments.  I was obsessed, but it was mid school year and I took a mental and Iphone picture and moved on.  This was before I actually began pinning. HUGE PROBLEM!  This summer I wanted to make it and I can't find the link or pin anywhere! So I had to make the whole thing using the original pic.

I got everything I needed from Hobby Lobby. P.S. This would have been a lot cheaper if I used and distressed an old frame I already had, which I'll do in the future! I got fabric to cover the back, a frame, letters, and thick and thin ribbon.

The first thing I did was take the frame apart and assemble everything to the backing of the frame. Measure the fabric and cut it help not required.

Then I honestly just began laying things out, eyeballing with my OCD I know when things aren't even eye. If you don't own one of those, I'd just grab a ruler.

I added burlap embellishments, because along with chevron I'm obsessed with the burlap look.

The letters I got were made out of cork and had their own adhesive backing, which made placement so much easier.

Word to the Wise: BEFORE you start gluing, make sure to put your design inside the actual frame to ensure the frame won't cover something you already glued down.

 Then, you just start gluing!  I left everything down, so I wouldn't mess up my layout.  I just picked up a small edge of each ribbon and did a dab of hot glue.  Once I had the front glued on, I pulled it tight around the backing and hot glued the excess fabric down, so that it is permanently on the backing of the frame.  My thinking is that if something ever falls down or needs to be replaced this will make taking it in and out of the frame so much easier.

Once it was all glued down, I put the frame together with glass in front.  And voila!  I have my behind the desk dry erase calendar.



Sara B said...

It looks adorable. That will look super cute behind the teacher desk.

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