Saturday, July 20, 2013

If I wasn't Ms. Spurry....I'd be Tswift!

Ok, so I have to side line from teaching for a sec and give a shout out to my girl TSwift (she has no idea who I am p.s.) Girlfriend rocked it out! I have been to a lot of concerts (including Disney stars: Hannah Montana, Demi Lovato, and the Jo Bros and real life stars: Hanson, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert) and this was the BEST show I've ever seen.  So worth the money and drive to Philly.  

I kid you not! By the time I left, I had completely gotten over all of my exes, sworn to never ever get back together with any of them, forgiven all the mean people I know, changed my favorite color to red and magically gone back two years and became 22. 

This morning, a very tired 24 year old Ms. Spurry (who still has to pray for mean people and forget exes) remembered that pink was the new red....and that she is a teacher. This was kind of a hard pill to swallow (p.s. red pants kind of make you feel like a rock star in their own right). But then.... I GOT THE MAIL! 

My Party City and Creative Teaching Press orders are here!  I was proud of myself, I didn't go overboard.  I just bought a few odds and ends to accent the theme/sets I already have.

This motivated me to print, laminate and assemble my Writing, Language Arts and Social Studies binders for this year. (disclaimer: they have nothing substantial or pertaining to teaching in them yet, but they are cute!)

And then I sat down with my Mac (more important to me than most guys other than my Dad, so I make it a "he" and a proper noun #laughnowjudgelater) to work through some photoshop and illustrator frustrations.

After watching an awesome tutorial, which you can watch here, and many hours of trial and error, I can create chevron backgrounds!  This is such a neat thing to know how to do, so if you're creating something specific you can make the perfect background!

Well friends, these summer days are flying.  FLYING I tell ya!  Go enjoy them. nap, swim, jam out to some Tswift!


Susie Shafer said...

You've totally inspired me to jazz up my ceiling, too! Thanks, SpurDog!

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