Monday, August 19, 2013

We Painted, We Sewed, We Built.

I had a funny moment today where I laughed at myself out loud...for thinking classroom set up got easier your third year.  HA. HA. HA.  I'm sure it would be easier if I didn't want to redo everything, every year.  Needless to say, I'm tired and a little stressed.

An empty classroom is inspiring and exciting.  A set up and finished classroom is amazing.  A classroom in the process of being set up with things EVERYWHERE and you working for 8 hours and feeling like nothing was accomplished....that's stressful.  But this is my kind of stress.  I live for it.

This is how my mind and life work....

I didn't want my teacher toolbox to be blue I painted it pink.

I didn't want my curtains for my fake window to be fake my mom sewed me real ones.

I was not even a little bit happy with the book shelf situation in my my Daddy custom built me one this weekend.

I needed a table for the two laptops in my room....we found an old one in the shed and the sister repainted it.

I needed smaller stools to fit the above said table, but they don't make small stools for above said we bought regular ones and Dad cut the legs off. 

Moral of this post written out of pure family is exhausted, they wish I weren't so type A, and I am extremely blessed to have them.  Another moral is that my room is not done quite yet, but I will post pics as soon as I am happy with it!


Ashley Ann said...

Good golly, girl! You have been B-U-S-Y!!! I'm so jealous of your creativity and steam. I lost all of my motivation over the summer and am just now starting to pick back up. Which is good, because we started school today. HA!

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