Friday, November 23, 2012

The Method Behind the Always Sunny Madness

Ok, so I know there is the show "Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and I'm sure countless blogs with similar names, but I promise I was not trying to be unoriginal or super lazy.  Always Sunny In First was a complete "Spurryism" to match the humor some use when walking into my classroom.

Last year, I had an awesome first year classroom...I had space, I had two huge windows, I had a closet (all to myself) bigger than my freshman dorm room ( I could have literally fit my whole class in it), I had a door that led right outside to the playground...pretty spectacular.

This summer, while teaching summer school, I got a call from my principal telling me that I am "a bird ready to fly" and that I was ready to move to a different classroom.  Shafer and I (my teammate...visit her here) switched classrooms.  Shafer had been in the "annex" for two years and she totally deserved the above mentioned to die for classroom...and I knew that with new hires coming in, Shafer's experience and awesomeness was needed in other areas of the building.

Anyhoo, after two weeks of switching rooms, organizing, decorating and getting over claustrophobia, my windowless classroom and I had officially bonded.  That's right, I said windowless...outside doorless....closetless....lots of spaceless.

Three days before school started this year, I was sitting in my room alone (it was a day only second year teachers had to report) and I could have gotten 1000 things done, but instead I came up with this quote, "when life gives you a windowless classroom, make a window" and I created this....

Yes friends, that is a size...created using bulletin board paper, ribbon and scrap booking paper.  Now it is officially "always sunny in first!" r I also decorate my window to match the holiday/season....stay tuned for my holiday decor! 



Susie Shafer said...

After being in that room for two years, I know how claustrophobic it can be! You have made it so homey and comfortable.

Love the blog, SpurDog!

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