Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Verdict is Still out on the FURminator....

Happy Saturday Night Friends!

If you look to the right ----> you will see my dog child Cami.  At 55 pounds, my 29 month old Golden Retriever is perfect (yes, I'm one of those moms who thinks her child (dog) is perfect...sue me). Sure, she sometimes jumps on people entering the house, sure she sometimes barks at innocent people trying to walk around the neighborhood, sure she thinks she only weighs 11 pounds and wants to be a lap dog, sure she sheds ALOT, but she is still perfect in my eyesH And with my sister's photography skills and Cam's gorgeous looks...I'm thinking she may get booked one day for doggy modeling...e-mail me if you can make this happen!

Cami and I live with my amazing mom and little sister.  I have been saving up for the past year and am currently house hunting, but until Cam and I find the perfect place, we are loving being at my Mama's. Mom LOVES Cami...but doesn't so much love her hair, which is everywhere.

Enter Petsmart...this wonderful place offers a "DUN DUN DUHHH" (Mom and I contemplated how to put this sound into words for 5 minutes) FURminator treatment!!!!  This treatment is pricey, but it apparently treats dogs' coats so they don't shed as much. Cami had her first appointment today...and it took every bone in my body not to tell the groomer "I'll be back...." as I left s

DID YOU KNOW...that Petsmart will give your dog a report card (gasp). My girl was "pretty good"(which means she could have been better) and was nervous about the hair dryer (which means she is a dog).

Now that she is home, she is super fluffy (she has "fat" hair like her mom and grandma), smelling pretty and her nails are clipped, but the verdict is still out on the treatment.  I will let you know in a few days!

She was not super happy I made her go...and came right home to sulk and ignore me.
And then she thought if she blended in with the hardwood floor I'd never take her back there again.
She does love her holiday collar though!!! The rest of my household...not so much. IT JINGLES!!!!

P.s. I promise that when I get back to school on Monday, I will start blogging about teaching too!!!! 



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